Die Suche nach einer neuen Topmanagement-Position ist ein Gefundenwerden-Prozess, von Ihnen inittiiert.

Topmanagerinnen und Topmanager sind immer auf Jobsuche – früher oder später sind sie entweder selbst auf dem Sprung zu Höherem oder sie werden freigestellt. Können Sie ahnen, wie es Ihnen ohne Job ginge? Nein, das können Sie nicht, auch wenn Sie noch so sehr glauben, sich selbst gut zu kennen. Auch wenn Sie selbst das Read More


Dear ambitious! Did you ever think about celebrating your successes as a manager? Just do it, don`t wait. Invite business friends and partners and share your pleasure of being successful. You think it may be a bit showy? We know, most of the time you are too modest anyway. Your guests will enjoy it. All Read More

sustainable influence

Dear ambitious! We know, if you are in top-management, travelling and communicating digitally takes most of your time. The really important matters require face to face contact. Only personal contact creates sustainable influence. We are with you, Dorothea Assig + Dorothee Echter Read More

relationship building

Dear ambitious, one lunch with other executives of other companies – only one – is more effective for your carreer than 100 posts in 100 networks. Start today with inviting two, three of your business friends for lunch. Or four of them? Even five? We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter Read More

topmanagement career

Dear ambitious, your career will take a step forward the moment other influential people speak about you, using great words that characterize you. We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter Read More