Top Management Impulse: Sie brauchen mehr?

Impulse zum Denken. Fühlen. Staunen. Erkennen. Bewegen. Wachsen. Artikel Podcasts ? Apple Podcast „Jürgen Weimann“ ? Spotify Podcast „Jürgen Weimann“ ? Website Paperwings Podcast ? Spotify Danny Herzog-Braune spricht mit Dorothea Assig und Dorothee Echter ? Apple Podcasts Danny Herzog-Braune spricht mit Dorothea Assig und Dorothee Echter Bücher Wie alles zusammenhängt, Ihre Ambition, die Höchstleistungen Read More

Karrierestrategien zum Hören

Die renommierten Podcaster:innen Kristina Appel, Claudia Burger, Gero Hesse, Jule Jankowski und Julia Möhn haben uns gefordert. In ihren spannenden Podcasts analysieren sie mit klugen Fragen unser neues Buch EINES TAGES WERDEN SIE SEHEN, WIE GUT ICH BIN! Wir haben uns sehr gerne den kritischen Fragen über Ambition, Karrieremythen und Karrierestrategien gestellt. Dadurch entstanden Read More

You are a trouvaille.

Dear ambitious, you are a trouvaille. What you can achieve with your expertise is sought after, is urgently needed, and is most welcome in many companies. ? But how do the decision-makers find out about you? ? In top management, this can only happen through other influential people who talk about you, your boss and Read More


Dear ambitious, this is top management learning: 1. they make a mistake 2. they reflect 3. they ask for advice, maybe they ask for an apology 4. they decide anew. Without mistakes – difficult … We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter Read More

What does generosity have to do with your top management career?

By definition, it is not strategic. You generously give information, your ideas, tips, contacts, you recommend others (for privileges you would like to have yourself …), you attribute the noblest motives, the greatest successes, the best competences. ? Without expecting anything, without aiming at anything? It is precisely this unintentional giving that has a strategic Read More

outstanding personalities

Dear ambitious, you are an outstanding personality at the top of your company. You do not necessarily have to be an excellent team player. You need the exchange with other outstanding personalities whose perspective on the world is quite different from yours. Don’t brood on your own. Ask questions, listen, build excellent learning partnerships. We Read More

The Assig + Echter Career Decision Diagram

Dear ambitious, a career built exclusively on good performance and success peaks in middle management. High performers are exactly right here; a further career is systemically not necessary and personally not possible. Unless someone makes a radical mental change. We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter Read More

Unsere Qualitätsstandards für das persönliche Coaching von Topmanagerinnen und Topmanagern

Von Anfang an haben wir für unsere Beratung von Persönlichkeiten im Topmanagement Qualitätsstandards gesetzt: Wie sieht die persönliche Beratung aus, die Menschen brauchen, die an der Spitze von Organisationen die Wirtschaft, Politik, Medien, Wissenschaft und Kultur voranbringen? Als ihre Beraterinnen tragen wir eine große Verantwortung. Was wir raten, wiegt schwer. Unsere Qualitätsstandards für das persönliche Read More

top management competence

Dear ambitious, do you respect a politician who doubts the direction taken? … a boss who vacillates between alternative choices? … an expert who only guesses at the solution? … a situation where the opposite of your perception is also correct? Then you have an important top management competence: ambiguity tolerance. We are with you, Read More


Dear ambitious, You are bored? Then you are all the more interested – and ask, and listen! Curiosity is in the nature of successful people.  We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter Read More