Dear ambitious, a seminar garden can be just as enticing as a rustic beer garden in the mountains. Encounters! Conversations, feeling the other, perceiving with all your senses. ☀ They are possible. They are longed for. They are easy. ☀ If you have a garden. Or a balcony. When you go out to eat. Or Read More

Personal, informal communication is more important today than ever before.

Dear ambitious, as a top manager in your home office, you might feel more freedom. No more travelling, shorter conferences and meetings, more time for family, reading and thinking. Work and free time can be arranged more freely. ✅ You might just as well feel less freedom working in your home office. There is more Read More

What does generosity have to do with your top management career?

By definition, it is not strategic. You generously give information, your ideas, tips, contacts, you recommend others (for privileges you would like to have yourself …), you attribute the noblest motives, the greatest successes, the best competences. ? Without expecting anything, without aiming at anything? It is precisely this unintentional giving that has a strategic Read More

Vages Unbehagen und „Das-rede-ich-mir-schön“-Programme, die miteinander einen inneren Dialog führen, kennen alle intelligenten, reflektierten, erfolgsgewohnten Menschen.

Als Beraterinnen finden wir uns manchmal in Situationen wieder, in denen Türen geknallt und Stimmen lauter werden, „bullshit … we have the experience … we are successful“. Wir bleiben entspannt, denn wir beraten wieder eine internationale Business School zu ihrem Topmanagement Programm. Sie hatten nach unserer Expertise verlangt, um ihre Case Studies für CEOs und Read More

Die Lässigkeitsfalle – unser Artikel für SPIEGEL online.

Für Vorstandsvorsitzende, Teamleiter und Referentinnen … für alle steht die Lässigkeitsfalle im Sommer sperrangelweit weit auf. Insbesondere bei informellen Meetings. Je entspannter die Umgebung, umso mehr suggeriert das Unterbewusstsein: Hier kannst du ganz Du selbst sein. Ruhig ein bisschen mehr Alkohol trinken, lästern, Witze erzählen…. Besser nicht. Denn auch in diesen Situationen werden alle in ihren Read More


Dear ambitious, of course, as a top manager you are excellent in your field. Unfortunately that is not enough to be a recognised authority. Influential people have to attribute excellence and influence to you. Their goodwill is the basis to be considered an authority. We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter  Read More

outstanding personalities

Dear ambitious, you are an outstanding personality at the top of your company. You do not necessarily have to be an excellent team player. You need the exchange with other outstanding personalities whose perspective on the world is quite different from yours. Don’t brood on your own. Ask questions, listen, build excellent learning partnerships. We Read More

Gemeinsam Führen: Worauf es bei der Arbeit als Doppelspitze ankommt

Wie Doppelspitzen funktionieren und warum sie gerade jetzt so wichtig sind, darüber sprechen wir mit Johanna Dürrholz von der FAZ Bei einer Doppelspitze entsteht nach unserer Ansicht eine dritte Kraft. „Momentan brauchen wir verschiedene Perspektiven, eine Heterogenität an der Spitze“, sagt Echter. „Schauen Sie sich an, wie Barack und Michelle Obama gemeinsam agieren – Read More

Auch Lösungen wachsen exponentiell.

Klugheit kennt keine Panik. Und auch keine Horrorszenarien. Sie sind Krisen gewohnt, Sie haben Krisen gemanagt. Das ist Ihr Topmanagement Modus. Jetzt, in dieser Ausnahmesituation, wird alles gebraucht, was Sie können, was Sie an Talent, Wissen und Lebenserfahrung besitzen. Das hat Sie zu der Person gemacht, die Sie heute sind. Sie können Großes in der Read More

allegiance and loyalty

Dear ambitious, as a top manager you win allegiance and loyalty if others sense what drives you. You need great words to name your ambition – congruent with what you decide. We are with you, Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter Read More

Stay curious.

Dear Ambitious! Who belongs to your future top management community? Stay curious. Maybe you will meet them today. We are with you, Dorothea Assig + Dorothee Echter Read More

top managers with a great idea

Dear ambitious, top managers with a great idea want to hear this „tell me more“ by their investors and board members. It is generated by appreciation, not by explanation. We are with you, Dorothea Assig + Dorothee Echter Read More


Dear ambitious! Did you ever think about celebrating your successes as a manager? Just do it, don`t wait. Invite business friends and partners and share your pleasure of being successful. You think it may be a bit showy? We know, most of the time you are too modest anyway. Your guests will enjoy it. All Read More

sustainable influence

Dear ambitious! We know, if you are in top-management, travelling and communicating digitally takes most of your time. The really important matters require face to face contact. Only personal contact creates sustainable influence. We are with you, Dorothea Assig + Dorothee Echter Read More